Super Nova Stake Pool

Super Nova Stake Pool - ticker [SUNO] - is a trusted, secure and profitable stake pool operated by a team of early Cardano supporters since 2017, and backed by 10+ years of managing IT systems and services.

With the Cardano project, the vision to make the world a better place is being transformed into a reality. We are excited to be part of this incredible revolution, and our all our efforts are focused on running a reliable and transparent stake pool operation.

Why Stake with SUNO?


Our core node is not exposed to the internet. Management layers are only accessible via private VPN, there are no SSH endpoints exposed to the internet on any nodes. Block producing node is configured to only receive traffic from SUNO relays.


Powerful and reliable hardware is prioritized higher than lower costs. Key features are dedicated servers with fast memory, solid state drives, fiberoptic internet and dedicated firewalls. All sensitive keys are stored and handled on a dedicated offline computer, to ensure complete safety of the pool.

High Performance

Regional relay nodes are connected over fast private links so blocks are propagated in the quickest time possible.